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    3 FADE

    Christian principles are an integral part of all courses of study. We help students achieve greater academic and spiritual wisdom through experiences that fuse the teachings and word of God with core academic classes.


    Our teachers, besides being licensed Wisconsin educators, are compassionate, thoughtful, and talented people who genuinely care about our students and their families. The entire staff works together to challenge and support all students so they can achieve their personal potential.

  • At the end of the day, learning is a deeply personal experience. When something is learned, understood, and finally becomes transparent to the student, it is a very special kind of individual accomplishment that changes that person forever. When our students are engaged and invested in their learning and are truly having fun, that’s a big part of how learning “sticks.” Both learning and the thirst for it are the eternal gifts teachers give to each one of their students.These gifts are possessions a student never loses, and which benefit them for life.

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